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Let EVENTLUXE custom design and fabricate it. EVENTLUXE has a complete fabrication facility located in house, which includes CNC cutting, carpentry, painting and upholstery capabilities


Traverse Communal Double Bubble Table with Iron Cage Display (4’x19’x30″H – Black or White)

EVENTLUXE Signature Traverse table with central pedestal and iron cage display.

Can be utilized as a dining table, communal table, or as a display table to showcase goods or products (i.e., Shoes & Handbags). *The Iron Cage can be utilized to hang a chandelier, pendant lights, floral spheres, or anything you can imagine.

*Optional recessed LED lighting

Dimensions: 4′ X 20′ X 10’H (Table Height 30″)



EVENTLUXE Traverse Communal Double Bubble Table Inspired by Mod Whimsy Style

Each Table measures 4′ X 8′ X 30″H

*Also available in a variety of colors and different table widths and heights.

Eventluxe sets its self apart and prides its self on its true ability to offer unique and customizable pieces. If you require a certain style, textile, branding solution or are in need of design assistance. We are at your service!